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CCP (certificat complémentaire de protection), brevet(s), AMM, UE (ou Europe/EEE), Industrie Pharmaceutique, Innovation, médicament(s)

SPC in Europe: bringing reduced protection ?

Quelles sont les limites et les conditions d'application des dérogations introduites par l'entrée en vigueur du règlement modifiant le...


Participation of the patent and trademark attorney in the “saisie-contrefaçon” (infringement seizure) confirmed

A client's usual French patent and trademark attorney (Conseil en propriété industrielle) can validly participate in the saisie-contrefaçon, even...


Fight against counterfeiting, Chanel’s strategy in China

Chanel recently won a trademark infringement lawsuit. The case is interesting because Chanel attacked the mall and not the...


PACTE bill: How will it impact IP?

The adoption of the PACTE bill on 11 April 2019 will soon lead to a number of changes with...

redevance d'une licence FRAND

“Use-based v “licence to all”: the battle to influence the workings of FRAND licences

In the field of "standard-essential patents" (SEP), which model should be adopted when setting the licence fee amount?

foreign lost profits

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”

Previously, the position held by US Courts was that lost foreign sales were generally considered not recoverable through enforcement...


Louboutin’s Shoes Or How To Learn Not To Be Walked Over

If you evoke Louboutin’s name, it will probably be associated by many with red sole shoes, especially heels. The...

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