Why LLR?

100% of our customers would recommend LLR, according to the satisfaction campaign launched in 2022.

Our recognition in the profession

  • Financial Times ranking

Every year, the Financial Times lists the European firms that are recommended for their services, based on recommendations from clients or peers.

In 2024, LLR was recognized among the 208 top European firms and distinguished itself for the first time across all the following sectors, earning a Bronze medal: Biotechnology, Food & Healthcare (4 firms recommended in France), Chemistry & Pharmacy (5 firms recommended in France), Electrical Engineering & Physics (2 firms recommended in France), IT & Software (3 firms recommended in France), and Materials & Nano Technology (2 firms recommended in France). In the Mechanical Engineering sector (7 firms recommended in France), LLR earned a Silver medal.

See our article : Classement Financial Times 2022 des cabinets européens de conseil en brevets : LLR de nouveau sur le podium !

  • IP Stars ranking

LLR has been recognized by the Managing IP website’s  IP Stars ranking in 2023, listing our firm in “level 3” of firms recognized for patent prosecution, i.e. LLR is ranked between the 9th and 12th firm in France.

Managing IP is an IP information website and magazine for IP professionals, operating since 1990. They are the initiators of the IP Stars rankings, which list experts for advice on intellectual property matters.

  • Décideurs ranking

Since 2019, LLR has been listed as one of the top IP consultancies by the Leaders Leaders League, publisher of “Décideurs” magazine. Each year, a ranking is drawn up according to four rating categories: unmissable, excellent, strong reputation and reputed practice.

In 2023, our expertise and the commitment of our teams earned us an “Excellent” rating in the following areas:

  1. Trademarks, designs & models ;
  2. Electronic Patents Telecoms & New Technologies;
  3. Physics, Mechanics and Construction patents;
  4. Chemical, Biotech & Life Sciences patents.

Satisfied customers

Our customers testify to our services through the satisfaction campaign launched in 2022.

Head of the Paralegal PI division of a major group, further to integration of one LLR manager in their team for several months

Patent engineer in the food industry

Patent engineer for a major group whose portfolio is managed by LLR

Legal manager in the fashion industry

Trademark manager in the energy industry


In the context of our quality approach, we regularly conduct satisfaction surveys and address any feedback from our key clients in order to adjust our service level and better meet their expectations and requirements.

We value your opinion! Share your feedback by clicking on the following link: Satisfaction Survey.

A committed company…

… for its customers

In compliance with our ethical rules, we guarantee your independence, professional secrecy and the confidentiality of your data. We are also subject to a ban on conflicts of interest. It is by adhering to these values that LLR provides you with transparent support. For us, it is essential to build a solid relationship of trust together, which will enable us to provide you with the best possible support for all your projects over the long term. Aware of your budgetary constraints, we make sure we have your prior agreement before incurring any costs. That way, you won’t have any nasty surprises on your bills.

… for its employees

LLR advocates a balance between the professional and private lives of its employees. Telecommuting is very much a part of this stability. At the same time, we seek to create a friendly working environment that promotes the well-being and motivation of everyone. We are also attentive to each employee’s desire for training or internal development.

… for the environment and society

As pioneers in the digitalization of our profession, we strive to play our part in preserving the environment. We encourage each and every one of us to adopt more frugal digital habits to reduce data flows and energy consumption. Our transport policy establishes a hierarchy of modes of transport to be used for employee travel, starting with the least polluting. In addition, since its foundation LLR has chosen the “paperless” method, reducing the use of paper within the organization. We also encourage selective sorting.
As far as our suppliers are concerned, we favor responsible purchasing, choosing as far as possible suppliers who are local, respectful of the environment or involved in professional integration.

Excellence Charter

LLR is a signatory to the IP Excellence Charter, the national quality charter for industrial property attorneys. This charter defines the practices, behaviors and commitments of firms that choose to adhere to it, with the aim of pursuing a continuous improvement approach to the quality of their services.
The National Quality Charter for CPI firms defines 3 principles:

  • strategic advice ;
  • transnational consultancy (particularly in setting up the Unified Patent Jurisdiction); and
  • 100% responsible advice.

These priorities are backed up by a set of commitments and an action plan. Each year, members of the Charter are required to carry out a self-assessment of their firm to check whether their practices comply with the provisions of the IP Excellence Charter and, if necessary, to improve them. This self-assessment covers the ten key points below: