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Intellectual Property Protection and Product Registration Regulation in Biological, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

Conference with specialists in industrial property for a better strategy in the field of biopharmaceuticals and cosmetics


Fight against counterfeiting, Chanel’s strategy in China

Chanel recently won a trademark infringement lawsuit. The case is interesting because Chanel attacked the mall and not the...

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PACTE bill: How will it impact IP?

The adoption of the PACTE bill on 11 April 2019 will soon lead to a number of changes with...

redevance d'une licence FRAND

“Use-based v “licence to all”: the battle to influence the workings of FRAND licences

In the field of "standard-essential patents" (SEP), which model should be adopted when setting the licence fee amount?

advertising mascots

Intellectual Property Working Group: Advertising Mascots

China has become a highly competitive market. Companies here are crawling to get just a few seconds of attention...

divulguer c’est dénigrer

Infringement proceedings: to divulge is to denigrate

A case that demonstrates the need for extreme caution when using information about lawsuits, and even more so when...

Intellectual Property as Asset

Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Use Intellectual Property as Asset?

How to determine the value or price of your IP? How to use your IP as an asset? Our...

evidence of counterfeiting

Intellectual Property Working Group: How to Conserve, Obtain and Use Evidence in Intellectual Property Counterfeiting Cases?

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