23/02/2022 – CCI France Chine : Patent Protection in China – Application of the 2020 Patent Law

CCI FRANCE CHINE's next Intellectual Property Working Group will deal with "Patent Protection in China - Application of the...

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Best wishes for 2022!


October 20th 2021- Webinar – IP/IT in China: legal updates, recent cases, good practices

Dispute settlement

10.06 | [WEBINAR] Dispute Settlement in China-related Intellectual Property & Technology

Our speakers will explain why and how to manage dispute settlements between Chinese companies and foreign companies in IP...

Hong Kong: new patent law

Hong Kong is changing its patent law

A standard patent in Hong Kong can now be filed first at the regional patent office. Is the system...

CCP (certificat complémentaire de protection), brevet(s), AMM, UE (ou Europe/EEE), Industrie Pharmaceutique, Innovation, médicament(s)

SPC in Europe: bringing reduced protection ?

Quelles sont les limites et les conditions d'application des dérogations introduites par l'entrée en vigueur du règlement modifiant le...


Participation of the patent and trademark attorney in the “saisie-contrefaçon” (infringement seizure) confirmed

A client's usual French patent and trademark attorney (Conseil en propriété industrielle) can validly participate in the saisie-contrefaçon, even...

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