François-Adrien CHAGNOLLAUD

After 5 years as a production manager in various animation studios in Paris, François-Adrien CHAGNOLLAUD pursued further education in the field of documentation at « École des Bibliothécaires-Documentalistes » of Paris.

François-Adrien explored the diverse aspects of information professions, putting his new skills into practice during the first mission at Bpifrance as amonitoring officer. He was responsible for sectoral monitoring for internal collaborators.

In late 2023, François-Adrien joined LLR as a documentalist. He provides support to engineers and legal professionals in conducting documentary research, pre-analyses, and manages the documentation of the firm (industry monitoring, subscriptions, archiving, etc.).

Meini YAN

Ms. Yan graduated from Renmin University of China. Ms. Yan was admitted as a Chinese attorney-at-law in 2015 and a Chinese patent attorney in 2016. Ms. Yan’s practice focuses on intellectual property in the law firm from 2016. Ms. Yan has extensive practical experience in handling litigation cases related to patent, copyright, trade secrets, trademark and unfair competition. Ms. Yan has successfully handled many challenging and complex litigation cases, especially patent infringement and invalidation cases and trade secrets disputes. Further, Ms. Yan has participated in a number of patent invalidation cases. Ms. Yan also serves cultural creative enterprises and innovative companies as legal counsel to provide non-litigation services such as legal counseling, contract drafting, review, revision and negotiation, FTO, and due diligence. In addition, Ms. Yan is capable of providing constructive and practical solutions over copyright protection and trademark registration. Ms. Yan has represented many international and domestic clients to deal with various types of IP disputes, such as Ubisoft, Accor, French Football Association, CHGB, Changzheng Engineering Co., Ltd, and provided consulting services for domestic clients with their daily intellectual property related matters. Ms. Yan has the solid technical background, legal expertise and rich trial experience in dealing with patent invalidation cases, and has served many clients in the industries of pulverized coal gasification technology, intelligent parking device, artificial heart, mechanical engineering.

Practicing Areas

  • Various types of IP litigation and arbitration
  • patent mining
  • patent due diligence
  • patent infringement analysis
  • patent validity analysis
  • patent prosecution, re-examination and patent invalidation
  • IP legal counseling


Ph.D. of Renmin University of China, professor and doctoral supervisor of China University of Political Science and Law, deputy dean of Law School, Qian Duansheng scholar, deputy director of the Center for Sports Law and Notary Law Research Center, the first batch of law scholars of the Supreme People’s Court, experts of sports industry of Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, the first batch of “Young Talents Plan” of Beijing universities, the first batch of “Capital Law and Law Advanced Talent Pool”, member of the drafting team of the Sports Law (Amendment) of the Social Committee of the National People’s Congress. Formerly interned as a lawyer for Crosby, Houben&Aps European Law Frim.

Visiting scholar of the Free University of Brussels (VUB) from August to November 2006, Randle Edwards Fellow of Columbia University School of Law from April 2018 to April 2019, and Master of Renmin University of China in 2007. Professor Yuan has visited several universities and institutions in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, India, Switzerland, the Philippines, Vietnam, Poland, and other countries for a short period of time.

Practicing Areas

  • IP
  • labor disputes
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • capital operations
  • asset restructuring
  • investment banking
  • corporate governance
  • litigation and arbitration

Social Activities

  • Part time doctoral supervisor of Beijing Sport University
  • Vice Chairman of the Expert Advisory Committee
  • Arbitrator of the China’s Commission Arbitration for Sports(CCAS)
  • Executive Director of Sports Law Research Association of China Law Society
  • Executive Deputy Secretary General and Director of the Legal Documents Research Association of the China Law Society
  • Director and Deputy Secretary General of Law Education Research Association of China Law Society
  • Executive Director of the Rural Rule of Law Research Association of Beijing Law Society
  • Executive Director and Deputy Secretary General of the Sports Law and Olympic Legal Affairs Research Association of Beijing Law Society
  • Member of the National Judicial Vocational Education Teaching Guidance Committee
  • Deputy Director of the Expert Committee for the Construction of the Legal Degree Teaching Case Database of the National Legal Degree Graduate Education Guidance Committee
  • Exemplary individual of the National Law Society
  • First prize of the 2017 Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award.  His report was awarded the title of “Excellent Legal Training Achievement” by the Supreme People’s Court of China.

Xuehui WANG

Xuehui WANG is a trademark attorney of Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices.

She is proficient in trademark registration, renewal, rejection review, opposition, invalidation and cancellation, and has rich experience in representing clients in trademark cases.

She advises companies on trademark registration, formulates detailed registration plans and files trademark applications. She has provided trademark rejection review services and cancellation defense services for a number of companies and successfully maintained the validity of their trademarks.

Practicing Areas

  • Enterprises’ trademark layout
  • trademark similarity search and registration feasibility analysis
  • trademark application, renewal, rejection review, opposition, invalidation and cancellation and other specialized services.


Chao WANG, a full-time lawyer of Beijing Easy Times Law Offices, began practicing in 2020 and specializes in intellectual property rights protection. He has profound legal knowledge and adheres to the practice philosophy of “dedication, diligence, integrity, and responsibility in safeguarding the interests of clients”. After nearly four years of practice, he has achieved remarkable achievements in the field of intellectual property rights protection. Throughout his career, he has achieved significant accomplishments and obtained favorable results for his clients.

Notable highlights of his professional achievements include:

  • Successful Representation: Chao WANG has represented clients in a substantial number of intellectual property cases, demonstrating his expertise in handling a wide range of issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  • Achievements in Litigation Cases: he has successfully represented numerous clients in litigation cases related to intellectual property disputes, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex legal frameworks, presenting strong arguments, and securing favorable judgments or settlements for his clients.
  • Enforcement Actions: Chao WANG has been actively involved in enforcing intellectual property rights on behalf of his clients. He has pursued legal actions against infringers, including sending Cease and Desist letters, conducting negotiations, and if necessary, initiating legal proceedings to protect his clients’ rights.
  • Strategic Counseling: In addition to his litigation practice, Chao WANG provides clients with strategic counseling on intellectual property matters, including advising on the development and implementation of intellectual property protection strategies, conducting infringement risk assessments, and drafting and negotiating licensing agreements.
  • Reputation for Integrity: Chao WANG is known for his commitment to professional ethics and integrity. He prioritizes the interests of his clients and upholds a strong sense of responsibility in all his legal endeavors. Overall, Lawyer Chao WANG ‘s extensive experience, deep understanding of intellectual property laws, and dedication to his clients have contributed to his outstanding professional achievements in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

Practicing Areas

  • Patent drafting
  • litigation of various intellectual property cases
  • international commercial arbitration involving intellectual property
  • enterprises’ intellectual property layout
  • patent infringement risk assessment (freedom to operate)
  • specialized intellectual property services for Initial Public Offering.


Lili TIAN is a Chinese lawyer currently practicing in Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 and entered China University of Political Science and Law to study law (majoring in Intellectual Property) in the same year.

In 2013, she presided over and completed the innovative project “Study of Trademark Infringement Scenarios in E-commerce”.

In 2015, she published a paper “On the Application of FRAND Principle in the Licensing of Standard Essential Patents”. Lili TIAN has specialized in legal services in the field of intellectual property since 2015. She used to work in the product department of Biometrics High-tech Co., LTD., and was responsible for the management and protection of intellectual property rights such as software copyrights, trademark rights and patent rights. Ever since 2017, Lili TIAN has been engaged in dealing with various intellectual property cases in the law firm.

She works on patent non-litigation and litigation cases, including patent invalidation, patent validity analysis, patent infringement investigation and evidence collection, patent infringement risk assessment, patent administrative litigation, patent infringement litigation, etc.; trademark non-litigation and litigation cases, including trademark registration, opposition, opposition defense, cancellation, providing evidence of use, re-examination after rejection, invalidation, trademark administrative litigation, trademark infringement litigation, etc.; and copyright registration related matters, copyright infringement litigation. In addition, she helps enterprises on intellectual property layout and provides other specialized services. She has accumulated rich practical experience and has been recognized by clients.

Practicing Areas

All kinds of intellectual property litigation and non-litigation cases, enterprises’ intellectual property layout and other specialized legal services.


Ms. Shao is partner and co-founder of Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices. She graduated from UIBE(University of International Business and Economics) and CUPL (China University of Political Science and Law) and began practicing as a lawyer from 2019.

Ms. Shao specializes in PRC litigation, arbitration and non-litigation resolution. She is especially adept at handling disputes in the field of intellectual property.

Ms. Shao also serves as the permanent legal counselor for several enterprises.

Practicing Areas

Intellectual property


Jun LIN has worked as trademark attorney and manager in charge of domain name and copyright protection as well as IP protection on e-commerce platforms in the China office of European law firm LLR for 6 years before joining Easytimes. She has handled numerous cases about trademark, domain name and copyright protection for domestic and foreign clients (overseas clients from Europe, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, etc.). Her working languages are Chinese, French and English. In addition to her daily work, Jun LIN has published several articles in French language regarding the IP protection in China on Chine PI, a French blog dedicated to the Chinese IP system.

Practicing Areas

Trademark availability search,trademark prosecution, opposition,disputes,non-use cancellation applications, assignment and licensing, consultation on trademark protection strategies.

Management of domain names, including registration, renewal and transfer of domain names.

Registration for copyright protection of works and software. Intellectual property protection on e-commerce platforms.

Chao QIN

Chao QIN is a full-time lawyer in Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices. He focuses on providing enterprises with legal consulting services on trade secrets and non-competition restrictions, is especially experienced in dealing with non-competition restrictions issues regarding senior management personnel.

He is good at formulating systematic legal solutions for clients’ non-competition restrictions and trade secret protection matters, comprehensively helping enterprises achieve protection of trade secrets from the aspects of internal regulation establishment, management of staff and equipments, staff training, agreement signing, etc., and providing the best litigation solution for rights protection when trade secrets are violated.

He has provided intellectual property legal services to multiple companies, including Beijing Li Gong Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huasani Fashion Co., Ltd., Ubisoft Entertainment Software Co., Ltd., Sheffield Charles Co., Ltd., and Six Dimensional United Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. s In addition

Practicing Areas

Construction of enterprise confidentiality system and trade secret litigation

Construction of enterprise non-competition restriction system and litigation in this regard

Commercial operation of intellectual property rights.


Ourvashi KISSOONDOYAL has a background in physical chemistry, including electrochemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular modeling and data processing; as well as in computational and statistical chemistry.  

After completing an internship in the industrial property department of a company specializing in cosmetics and packaging devices, Ourvashi KISSOONDOYAL graduated from CEIPI, then worked as a patent engineer for a Paris-based consultancy firm.

In 2023, she joined the LLR Group, and since then has worked with companies of all sizes on drafting and filing patent applications, as well as monitoring grant procedures in France and abroad, and various consultancies such as freedom-to-operate studies.

Ourvashi KISSOONDOYAL works mainly in the fields of mechanics, software and electronics, particularly in the automotive and robotics sectors.