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Chao WANG, a full-time lawyer of Beijing Easy Times Law Offices, began practicing in 2020 and specializes in intellectual property rights protection. He has profound legal knowledge and adheres to the practice philosophy of "dedication, diligence, integrity, and responsibility in safeguarding the interests of clients". After nearly four years of practice, he has achieved remarkable achievements in the field of intellectual property rights protection. Throughout his career, he has achieved significant accomplishments and obtained favorable results for his clients.

Notable highlights of his professional achievements include:

  • Successful Representation: Chao WANG has represented clients in a substantial number of intellectual property cases, demonstrating his expertise in handling a wide range of issues related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.
  • Achievements in Litigation Cases: he has successfully represented numerous clients in litigation cases related to intellectual property disputes, demonstrating his ability to navigate complex legal frameworks, presenting strong arguments, and securing favorable judgments or settlements for his clients.
  • Enforcement Actions: Chao WANG has been actively involved in enforcing intellectual property rights on behalf of his clients. He has pursued legal actions against infringers, including sending Cease and Desist letters, conducting negotiations, and if necessary, initiating legal proceedings to protect his clients' rights.
  • Strategic Counseling: In addition to his litigation practice, Chao WANG provides clients with strategic counseling on intellectual property matters, including advising on the development and implementation of intellectual property protection strategies, conducting infringement risk assessments, and drafting and negotiating licensing agreements.
  • Reputation for Integrity: Chao WANG is known for his commitment to professional ethics and integrity. He prioritizes the interests of his clients and upholds a strong sense of responsibility in all his legal endeavors. Overall, Lawyer Chao WANG 's extensive experience, deep understanding of intellectual property laws, and dedication to his clients have contributed to his outstanding professional achievements in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

Practicing Areas

  • Patent drafting
  • litigation of various intellectual property cases
  • international commercial arbitration involving intellectual property
  • enterprises’ intellectual property layout
  • patent infringement risk assessment (freedom to operate)
  • specialized intellectual property services for Initial Public Offering.