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Lili TIAN is a Chinese lawyer currently practicing in Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in 2012 and entered China University of Political Science and Law to study law (majoring in Intellectual Property) in the same year.

In 2013, she presided over and completed the innovative project "Study of Trademark Infringement Scenarios in E-commerce".

In 2015, she published a paper "On the Application of FRAND Principle in the Licensing of Standard Essential Patents". Lili TIAN has specialized in legal services in the field of intellectual property since 2015. She used to work in the product department of Biometrics High-tech Co., LTD., and was responsible for the management and protection of intellectual property rights such as software copyrights, trademark rights and patent rights. Ever since 2017, Lili TIAN has been engaged in dealing with various intellectual property cases in the law firm.

She works on patent non-litigation and litigation cases, including patent invalidation, patent validity analysis, patent infringement investigation and evidence collection, patent infringement risk assessment, patent administrative litigation, patent infringement litigation, etc.; trademark non-litigation and litigation cases, including trademark registration, opposition, opposition defense, cancellation, providing evidence of use, re-examination after rejection, invalidation, trademark administrative litigation, trademark infringement litigation, etc.; and copyright registration related matters, copyright infringement litigation. In addition, she helps enterprises on intellectual property layout and provides other specialized services. She has accumulated rich practical experience and has been recognized by clients.

Practicing Areas

All kinds of intellectual property litigation and non-litigation cases, enterprises’ intellectual property layout and other specialized legal services.