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Director of International Patents Department at Easytimes founded with LLR




French, Chinese, English

  • Entered the profession in 2008
  • Joined the LLR team in 2013 then the Easytimes IP team in 2023
  • Graduate generalist engineer from l’École Centrale de Lyon
  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tsinghua University (CN)
  • Chinese Patent Attorney


After high level studies in both countries, Mei TAO received her degrees in China (Master from Tsinghua University ) and France (Engineer from l’Ecole Centrale de Lyon).

She then began her career in the company CATIC in the field of aviation. She worked there as a project manager, in charge of relations between European clients and their Chinese suppliers. Her major client was Airbus.

Then she decided to focus her career on industrial property from 2008. To this end, she joined a big Chinese patent agent firm where she had a first experience of four and a half years. In this firm, Mei TAO worked for different European and American clients in diverse fields of mechanical engineering (automotive, aviation, glass manufacturing, cosmetics, electrical devices, chemistry, etc.). Her daily working languages ​​were English, French and Chinese. It is in this firm that Mei TAO has become a qualified attorney on Chinese patents.

Mei TAO decided to join LLR China's patent team in 2013 in order to further strengthen her links with France and overseas countries. This patent team became LLR China Patent in 2016, and in 2023 became part of the international department of the Chinese law firm Easytimes IP, which specializes exclusively in intellectual property. Mei TAO heads this department.

Mei TAO drafts and files patent applications for inventions, utility models and designs in China. She also follows up grant procedures in China and the rest of the world (particularly including Europe, France, United States, Japan and South Korea) and conducts free-to-operate studies.

She is involved in a wide range of technical fields, such as automotive, plastics, aviation, medical devices, environment, etc.

Interventions & conferences

  • Speaker at the CCI France China working group on the theme of « High-Tech Enterprises: qualification, advantages & requirement on Intellectual property rights » (23 February 2023)
  • Speaker at the webinar "Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Supreme People's Court: What Experience on Technology-Related Cases Since 3 Years?" organised by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (CCI FRANCE CHINE), 8 June 2022
  • Speaker at the conference "Actualités des brevets en Chine - Point sur les modifications majeures récentes" ("Patent News in China - Update on Recent Major Changes") of the China IP Webinars "Intellectual Property News in China" ("Actualités de la Propriété Intellectuelle en Chine"), 24 February 2022
  • Speaker at the conference "Patent Protection in China - Application of the 2020 Patent Law" at the CCIFC, 23 February 2022

Teaching Activities

  • Coordinator of the training module on Chinese Law 2022 « La protection des droits de propriété en Chine : les nouvelles mesures apportées par la loi de 2019 sur les marques et les lois de 2020 sur les brevets et les droits d’auteur » ("The protection of property rights in China: the new measures brought by the 2019 Trademark Law and the 2020 Patent and Copyright Laws") organized by AFCDE, 9 March 2022