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Chao QIN is a full-time lawyer in Beijing EasyTimes Law Offices. He focuses on providing enterprises with legal consulting services on trade secrets and non-competition restrictions, is especially experienced in dealing with non-competition restrictions issues regarding senior management personnel.

He is good at formulating systematic legal solutions for clients' non-competition restrictions and trade secret protection matters, comprehensively helping enterprises achieve protection of trade secrets from the aspects of internal regulation establishment, management of staff and equipments, staff training, agreement signing, etc., and providing the best litigation solution for rights protection when trade secrets are violated.

He has provided intellectual property legal services to multiple companies, including Beijing Li Gong Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Huasani Fashion Co., Ltd., Ubisoft Entertainment Software Co., Ltd., Sheffield Charles Co., Ltd., and Six Dimensional United Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. s In addition

Practicing Areas

Construction of enterprise confidentiality system and trade secret litigation

Construction of enterprise non-competition restriction system and litigation in this regard

Commercial operation of intellectual property rights.