• We offer strategic advice on developing your patent portfolio and measuring its value, in particular by means of audits and due diligence, and on any contractual transactions associated with your rights. We ensure that the legal protection offered by your property rights is consistent with the way in which they are used commercially.
  • We analyse your sign (name, slogan, logo, numbers, etc.) in order to check that it is registrable. We analyse your existing trademark portfolio in order to propose a protection strategy that meets your requirements.
  • We carry out an identical or a complete prior rights search in order to detect any prior rights which could prevent your planned trademark from being successful.
  • We file your trademark application at the French, European, international or foreign trademark offices. We monitor the examination procedure and prepare the responses to any objections raised by the relevant offices. We then set up a trademark search in order to detect any application filed by a third party which could prejudice your rights so as to enable you to react.
  • We take action against potentially infringing acts to your IP rights made by third parties, in particular by the filing of oppositions or the preparation and drafting of warning letters. We help you to decide whether it is appropriate to conduct negotiations, to bring actions before the courts or stop the litigation.
  • We solve any issues you have relating to trademarks, in particular in case of fraudulent applications filed by third parties and we set up a web watch to detect infringements of your trademark rights.
  • Where infringement proceedings have already been commenced in the courts, whether you are a claimant or a defendant, we evaluate your chances of success or risks of being found liable and help you to put together a strategy of attack or defence. We guide you towards reaching a settlement agreement if that is beneficial to your interests.