• We offer strategic advice on developing your patent portfolio and measuring its value, in particular by means of audits and due diligence, and on any contractual transactions associated with your rights. We ensure that the legal protection offered by your property rights is consistent with the way in which they are used commercially.
  • We analyse your two-or three-dimensional work and provide our opinion on whether it is appropriate to consider protecting it by applying for registration of your design.
  • We undertake to file the application for design registration in France, in the European Union, internationally or in foreign countries (if equivalent protection exists). We monitor the application procedure until the registration of your design.
  • We take action against third parties who infringe on your rights, in particular by drafting and sending letters of formal notice. We help you decide whether it is appropriate to negotiate, to file a suit or, on the contrary, whether it is advisable to end litigation.
  • We address any issues you have in relation to designs, in particular in the event of a third party using a design identical or similar to yours, and we monitor the internet in order to detect any infringements of your design rights.