What do I have to do to protect the name of my new product?

Before undertaking a filing in relation to your project, we will check whether it meets the legal requirements for protection as a trademark.

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Should my innovative project be protected by a patent?

We will identify the inventions that are capable of being patented and suggest appropriate strategies for the purposes of protecting your business.

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Can the form or shape of my product constitute a design?

Designs allow the ornamental aspect of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional design to be protected. The design must be new and must have individual character.

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What are the requirements to protect my artwork?

Your artwork must be original and must have a specific creation date.

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Domain names

What is the purpose of the protection provided by a domain name?

Registering a trademark as a domain name enables you to exploit your product on the internet and to prevent third parties from registering and using it without your consent.

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What should I do to stop an act of infringement or of unfair competition, or to defend myself if legal action is taken against me?

Whether you are bringing an action or defending one, we will provide you with the advice you need so that you can best protect your interests.

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What do I have to do to formalise in writing an agreement between a third party and myself?

Our specific expertise enables us to analyse your agreement and to formulate it using the appropriate legal terminology to provide a suitable contract.

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Due diligence

What is the point of having an audit of my portfolio of rights carried out?

Our expertise in this area enables you to verify that the legal protection of your IP rights is consistent with the activities envisaged in relation to them.

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What expertise do you have on the subject of freedom to operate?

Our firm offers you Crystal©, a tool specifically adapted to provide Freedom-To-Operate analysis for its clients®.

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How can the appropriate financial consideration be determined in the case where I envisage taking out a licence over an intellectual property right?

We will apply calculation methods which enable us to assess the value of the asset in question as accurately as possible.

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Prior rights search

I have developed a trademark but would like to be certain that it is available before filing it. How can this be done?

A search of prior rights enables us to check that your proposed trademark does not infringe pre-existing third-party rights.

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Economic Intelligence

I would like to have information about the activity of one of my competitors. Is that possible?

Our firm offers an economic intelligence expertise to obtain information relating to the activity and IP rights of third parties.

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Patentability opinion

Does your invention involve an inventive step?

We use our indepth practical knowledge of the EPO practice, the legislation and the case-law to asses this particular requirement.

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Trademark monitoring

How can I detect a possible infringement of my trademark?

By putting in place trademark monitoring to identify conflicting trademark applications filed by third parties.

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Validity opinion

How can I found out how robust my patent is before I enforce it against a third party?

Whether the IP right in question is a patent, a trademark or any other IP right, we will use our expertise to asses the validity of the right.

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Trademark oppositions

I have been made aware of the publication of a trademark that is very similar to mine and was filed by a third party. What should I do?

In many countries, it is possible to lodge an opposition against the registration of a subsequent trademark if it creates a likelihood of confusion with your rights.

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Patent oppositions

How can I defend myself against an opposition lodged by a third party against my European patent?

Whether you are bringing an opposition or defending it, we will review the documents in the file and advise you of the best possible strategies available.

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Revocation action

How can I challenge a third-party right?

One means of challenging a IP right held by a third party is a revocation action. We will advise you on how to go about this.

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I would like to exploit a patent filed by a third party : can you assist me in doing this?

We will help you to negotiate with third parties a possible licence under the patent or a purchase of the patented technology.

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Planning and Budgeting

How can I quantify the budget that should be allocated to intellectual property?

We will provide clear estimates and propose options in line with your budgetary priorities.

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I would like my sales team to be have a greater awareness of IP. What do you offer?

LLR’s BE IP© training tool developed by our firm takes a light-hearted approach to IP.

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I suspect that my rights are being infringed : how can I prove it?

We review the documents in the file and, where appropriate, make enquiries to seek the necessary items of evidence prior to any action.

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I have detected a possible infringement. Is this definitely an infringement?

One of the ways of finding out is to carry the seizure of the alleged infringing goods, including using the “saisie-contrefaçon” process.

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Fighting infringement

Is it possible to detect the importation of infringing goods?

By making applications to customs, it is possible to be made aware of the existence of infringing acts. Other solutions exist simultaneously to efficiently combatting infringement.

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Our portfolio of rights is growing rapidly and we wish to optimise it. What do you propose?

We will advise you on the steps to take in order to strenghten your IP rights and to enable their peaceful exploitation.

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Mediation and Arbitration

Why have recourse to mediation or arbitration rather than a lawsuit before the courts?

These procedures allow dispute resolution more quickly and more economically and can be a better solution in certain situations.

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