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Priscilla PERIAN



Expert und Europa


Patent Enginner


Thonon (LLR - Innovincia)


Französisch, Englisch, Deutsch

  • Entered the profession in 2007
  • Graduate of the ECAM in Rennes
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Graduate of the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) in mechanical patents
  • European Patent Litigator before the Unified Patent Court (UPC)


After 2 years of experience in the patent department of VIDON in Rennes as an apprentice engineer, Priscilla has been working as a patent engineer for Innovincia since 2007.

Priscilla offers personalized support to small companies as well as to large groups familiar with industrial property. Her tasks consist in drafting patent applications and following the granting procedures in France, Europe and abroad. Priscilla is also involved in freedom to operate studies.

Her main field of interest is the automotive industry (thermodynamics, mechanics, autonomous driving).