Validity opinion


Are you wondering whether your sign can be protected as a trademark? Before filing a trademark application, we review the proposed sign and determine whether we believe that it is valid and enforceable as a trademark in France and in the European Union.

Can your sign be represented graphically? Is it lawful, available and distinctive?

Our answers to these questions will enable you to decide whether, from a legal perspective, a filing would be appropriate or not.


Do you wish to know how robust your patent application or patent is before relying on it against a third party, for example a potential infringer? We place our expertise at your disposal to assess the validity of your patent rights. This is generally a two-stage process :

  • Firstly, we review the examination proceedings of the patent application in detail in order to verify in particular whether the requirements relating to novelty, inventive step, sufficiency of disclosure and additive of subject matter beyond the content of the application as filed are satisfied.
  • Then, upon request, we can also carry out a supplementary prior art search to identify relevant documents other than the ones located by the patent examiner during the examination of the application and which could affect the actual scope of the patent.