Patent oppositions

An opposition is lodged by a third party against your European patent. What can be done ?

We review the statement of grounds of opposition filed by the opponent and we help to establish a defensive strategy.

A competitor is the owner of an European patent that prevents you from using some of your products. However, you consider that this property right is clearly not valid. What can be done?

We evaluate the chances of success of opposition proceedings against this patent and help you to establish a suitable strategy adapted to your particular needs.

We study the prior art documents to challenge the validity of the patent in question. We also review the examination procedure that led to the grant of the patent and we try to identify all grounds of opposition.

We subsequently draft a statement of grounds of opposition and then respond to any counter arguments filed by the owner.

We can represent you in the oral proceedings if such proceedings are requested.

At the end of the opposition proceedings, we consider whether it is appropriate to lodge an appeal and, if so, we prepare a statement of grounds for this purpose.