In general, we can assist you with assessing the merits of taking legal action against a third party, and with avoiding or ending a dispute, but also with the conducting of negotiations.

In the event that legal proceedings pertaining to infringement or unfair competition have already started, whether you are a claimant or a defendant, we evaluate your chances of success or risks of being found liable and help put together a strategy of attack or defence. We guide you towards reaching a settlement if we believe this is in your interest.

If you are the claimant in an infringement action, we prepare to support your claim, for example by organizing an infringement seizure by choosing the location of the seizure and a bailiff familiar with this type of mission, and by preparing the request and the draft seizure order which has to be presented to the court. While the seizure is underway, we are present alongside the bailiff in an expert capacity in order to help obtain all the evidence capable of serving your interests during the course of the litigation.

Subsequently, for the entire duration of the court proceedings, we collaborate with an IP lawyer.

As far as litigation in China is concerned, our Beijing office can advise quickly and accurately about any issues specific to that country, whether in relation to intellectual property or unfair competition. In the event of litigation, we undertake infringement investigations with our chinese partners in order to collect evidence and streghten the case.

For litigation in other foreign countries, we work alongside our foreign colleagues to streghten your position and look after your interests.

Our firm is in a particularly good position to promote the Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) project, as we keep well-informed about its development. We collaborate with lawyers when needed and several members of our team are prepared for the introduction of the UPC.