In an infringement case, infringers take unfair advantage of your reputation and the investments of your company.

It is therefore important to protect your company’s reputation, which is threatened by the depreciation in the value of your product, and to maximize the value of your investment in intellectual property rights.

In this context, our firm conducts field investigations in order to obtain as much evidence as possible to establish the infringement and to ensure that it stops.

By virtue of our local networks and, in particular, our presence in China, we provide a response that is tailored to your needs and takes account of your requirements and of the specific circumstances of your company.

We also conduct use investigations in relation to trademark use in order to establish the effective use of a third party’s trademark against which a cancellation action is considered.

Indeed, from the time it is registered, and for a period which varies depending on the national laws, a trademark is required to be used. Hence, it is opened to an action for cancellation if its proprietor is not able to prove its genuine use.