At your request, we conduct Freedom-To-Operate analyses, in which we examine the validity and scope of industrial property rights that are potentially problematic and are owned by third parties. These property rights may have been identified in-house or detected by us in the context of a Freedom-To-Operate search. We discuss each case with you, not only in order to determine the risks incurred, but also to sketch out or define workarounds in the event of difficulties. This discussion may lead to you making a new invention, and we will then analyse what protection may be envisaged for that invention.

LLR has an original analytical tool – Crystal®. This innovative tool for managing Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) studies was developed in accordance with our clients’ needs. Based on a highly effective method of assessing risks and strengths relating to intellectual property, it allows the key patents for a technology and their nuisance value vis-à-vis market participants’ products to be presented in the form of a summarizing matrix. This method is particularly suitable for audits carried out for the purposes of estimating the value of a particular technology (Valuation).