Fighting infringement

What means are available against infringement?

In France, first of all, we can conduct field investigations in order to obtain as much evidence as possible to prove that an infringement has taken place and if ongoing, to ensure that it stops. One effective means of gathering such evidence is a legalised confirmation of purchase, which is carried out in the presence of a bailiff either by direct purchase or on the internet.

In addition, we work to prepare infringement seizures carried out by a bailiff. We work alongside the bailiff in an expert capacity in order to help identify all evidence which could serve your interests during the course of the proceedings.

We also seek help of customs services to put in place procedures for infringing goods to be held under customs control. In France and in Europe, this is effected by way of a declaration of your IP rights and of the characteristics of your products, thereby enabling the customs authorities to detain merchandise that is presumed to constitute an infringement. After analysing the allegedly infringing products, we may seize the goods take legal actions.

On the basis of this information and, in particular, of the evidence obtained, we assess whether it would be appropriate to bring an infringement action before the courts.

At the margins of these solutions for combating infringement, we also advise on other types of action, in particular trademark monitoring, the filing of oppositions and of revocation actions.