We offer strategic advice on developing your design portfolio and measuring its value, in particular by means of audits and due diligence, and on any contractual transactions associated with your rights.

In addition, we examine whether a copyright exists in relation to your work (logo, design, software, etc.) and advise you on the means to establish proof of creation.

If you have designed software, you may know that its form and the manner in which it is written may be eligible for copyright protection. Every choice by the programmer reflects the stamp of the author’s personality and could therefore be eligible for copyright protection. In such a case, the copyright would also apply to all preparatory documents even if they do not contain the definitions or instructions of the final software, and to the software documentation.

In the event of a dispute with a third party, we review the evidence in order to advise you on how to proceed, in particular whether it is appropriate to file an infringement suit or to conduct negotiations.