The saisie-contrefaçon procedure enables to provide evidence of infringing acts.

We organize and participate in legal procedures that are intended to evidence infringement of a patent, a plant variety protection certificate, a trademark, a design, a copyright, or a software.

We prepare and conduct the saisie-contrefaçon. Its preparation firstly consists in choosing the location of the saisie-contrefaçon and a bailiff who is familiar with this type of mission, and then in preparing a request and a draft of saisie-contrefaçon order which will be presented to the competent court. We formulate the objectives of the saisie-contrefaçon. We also ensure that the bailiff is properly provided with information and instructions enabling to accomplish the mission successfully. Finally, while the saisie-contrefaçon operations are ongoing, we work alongside the bailiff in an expert capacity in order to help to identify all of the evidence allowing to serve your interests during the litigation.

Under certain circumstances, which we can look into for you, saisie-contrefaçon operations may be conducted in France in respect of infringement lawsuits filed in foreign countries.